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Peters Power Nutrients
Peters Power Nutrients
Peters Power Nutrients
Supplies an abundance of  micro nutrients for soil health
Supplies an abundance of  micro nutrients for soil health
Creating powerful plant health structure
Peters Power Nutrients

A proprietary POWER micronutrient formula for correcting micronutrient deficiencies in typical or poor soils. Naturally buffered for proper plant absorption. Can be watered in or used as a foliage spray. For soil and organic use, optimizes the development and production of vegetables, trees, shrubs, turf, herbs and ornamentals. Just natural chelates.

PETERS POWER NUTRIENT may be used solely or in combination with synthetic or organic fertilizers. Apply with sprayers, fertigation, mix directly into soil or manually water with mixing.
Creating powerful plant health structure
Peters Power Nutrients
Producing a powerfully nutritious tasty fruit for your family
Peters Power Nutrients

Truly powerful soil amendment we never had fruits as large and healthy like this.

This product replaces all the amendment bottles and chemicals into one simple application.

Without this powerhouse formula my soil has never responded to plants like this.

By far the strongest amendment for micro nutrient and soil stimulant available today.

• Flowers
• Vegetables
• Fruit + Ornamental Trees
• Gardens + Farms

Maximize plant yields
• Develops stronger roots
• Grow stonger stems
• Tastier bigger fruits
• Rebuilds an organic soil foundation
• 76+ trace micro nutriens with high fulvic humate
• Rebuilds chemical + synthetic fertilizer damaged soils

Saves money
• Fertilize less with high nutrient uptake
• Increases desease resistance
• Save on pesticides
• Less watering wth rebuilt soils
• Humic / fulvic formula activates microbes + enzymes
• Flowers + buds with richer vivid colors + aromas

Why you need this
• Peters Power Nutrients formula naturally stimulates root, stem and regenerates soil for maximum plant growth potential and higher quality flower and fruit product.

• Rebuilding soil trace minerals plants will grow stonger stems bodies yielding tastier bigger fruits and flowers will be more vivid and have richer aroma.

• Save money by fertilizing less and by decreasing or eleiminating chemical applications.

• Save on pesticides as plants will be stronger to resist deseases and other pathogens.

• With the added humic/fulvic formula, plants will require much less fertilizing with the creation of the high nutrient uptake capabilities saving you time and money.

• Save money with less watering because of the organics created in the soil by the beneficial microbe activity and enzymes produced.

• Rebuilds and enhances natural organic soil foundation that is depleated typically by overgrowing and chemical fertilizer usage.
• Feeding directions and application---always mix your solution thoroughly into water.

* Seedlings:  Apply tablespoon of dry mix per gallon of water and mix thoroughly once. Then gently water in once every 5 waterings.

Container plants: Use 1 oz per gallon of dry mix and mix water very well. Then gently water in as needed once every 6 waterings.

Outdoor garden soil: Mix 2 oz per gallon of water, or  8 oz of dry mix per 20 square foot and evenly spread mix well. Or apply at the rate of one gallon of solution per 10 square feet every four weeks.

Trees: 8 oz of dry mix 5 gallons of water mix per per inch diameter of medium tree 4ft well or canopy. Pour in slowly and let soak in. Do not dump water.

General application: Mix one pound of dry mix into soil for every 45 squar feet. Results may vary with soil  condition

Caution: Keep out of reach of pets or children. Contains natural soils and microbes.-storage-up to 2 years and keep in cool dry place out of sunlight.

Naturally Extracted 76+ Trace Mimerals + Micronutrients + Amazing High Content Fulvic Humate

• Contains 76+ Trace Minterals with humic + high fulvic acids essential in boosting maximum root nutrient absorption for naturally richer plant development.

• Contains beneficial microbes and enzymes to super stimulate your plant roots on contact. This action expands primary and secondary root growth dramatically enabling maximum nutrient uptake.

• Promotes enhanced uptake of nutrient elements (N, P, K + Fe, Zn and other micronutrients+trace elements) into correct nutrient forms to aid in maximum plant growth+ production.

• Neutralize both
acid and alkaline soils; regulate the pH-value of soils.

• Help the soil to loosen and crumble and thus increase aeration and soil workability.

• Increase water holding capacity of soil and thus help DECREASE WATERING REGIMENT

We guarantee satisfaction or replace or refund your money with proof of purchases with receipt.

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contact us | about us

   15724 E. Sunflower
Fountain Hills, Az 85268
The finest organic garden products available today.
Natural  Organic Green Farm & Garden Products

• Fertilizer • Compost
• Worm Castings • Humate
• Fulvic Acid • Humic Acid

The finest organic garden products available today!
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